Dynamic Digital Menu Kit

Dynamic Digital Menu Kit (DDMK) – Sample Menu

DDMK is an integration of products that provide an equivalent functionality of a Dynamic Digital Menu board, which is a big screen display for adverting menu items in places like restaurants, car dealerships, schools, supermarkets, etc.   Traditional dynamic digital menu boards cost thousands of dollars and require expensive installation and operation. DDMK on the other hand, costs a one time price of $99, has a simple setup, and makes it fast and easy to modify the menu contents.

Screens and displays are everywhere and you already have the content.
But getting that content onto them is needlessly complicated, expensive and time consuming.  DDMK will help to make the two connected easy and fast (under one hour).

DDMK consists of the following components:

  1. iShareMem mobile app (downloadable from App Store or Google Play)
  2. Chromecast device (from Google)
  3. Installation and usage instructions
  4. Customer support for 30 days

It is assumed that users already have the following components on their premises:

  • Big screen display/television with available HDMI port
  • Wifi network
  • Laptop computer with Google Chrome browser

DDMK is priced at $99 while comparable Dynamic Digital Menu board’s cost thousand’s of dollars including a monthly subscription.

DDMK will be available for order starting 9/1/2018