A new way to share photos without losing your privacy’s control!

By Trung Nguyen 7/29/2018

Today most people share their photos through social networking apps like FB, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. This method may be OK for sharing photos if you don’t care much about your privacy and don’t care about the annoying notifications that ask you to add more friends through a list of people whom you don’t even recognize their names.

Now you don’t have to take that anymore.

The new event sharing “iShareMem” app would provide you with a fast and friendly way to share your precious moments with friends and family without losing your privacy’s control.

There is NO ad, NO annoying messages and you can share or un-share your photos with a touch of a button.

You can share/un-share your events/photos to any number of friends/family within seconds.

Imaging that you are at your wedding event with 200+ guests. Everyone would have everyone else’s photos taken at the wedding instantly on their smartphones with their original photos resolutions.

It is time for you to switch to iShareMem to share your unforgettable memories instantly and privately and still have absolute control of your privacy.

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Last week for free download of iShareMem app (available in US and Canada)

Why do we need another kind of instantly sharing photos app ?

By Trung Nguyen 7/7/2018

The omnipresent smartphones have caused a photography boom. The increasing sophistication of the smartphone camera paired with popularity of social network applications has furthered it by making it easy for everyone to create high quality photographs/videos and share them instantly. A quick glance across social networks shows the majority of the photographs/videos being shared are those taken during events. These events can be anything from the hiking trips to family vacations, to wedding parties, reunions and/or any other occasions.

It is common to share photographs/videos of these events via email, messaging, Whatsapp groups, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other similar applications or by having a photo album on a website or by uploading the photographs/videos to a cloud storage server.

These methods have significant drawbacks when the publisher

1. Does not want the photos/videos to be in public or semi-public domain due to privacy concerns

2. Wants the photos/videos to be seen only by a selected set of people per event

3. Wants to instantly share the photos/videos with their original quality/resolution

4. Wants to get all the photos/videos that were taken by people who were at the same event(s) instantly

5. Wants the photos/videos to be seen even by those who do not possess a smartphone and have no accounts on social networking and/or storage applications

6. Wants to reduce the time-consuming tasks of sharing photos/videos with others down to almost zero effort for everyone who is involved in the event(s)

iShareMem (Instantly Share Memories) app was created to help people to overcome those drawbacks and to reduce the pain points of instantly sharing photos.

For each event/occasion, the photos/videos are contributed by a set of selected people (organizer(s), participants) and shared instantly only with a set of people (organizer(s), participants, viewers) selected by a publisher (organizer) irrespective of whether they possess a mobile device, a desktop computer or a laptop and the underlying operating system.

It is easy to use, friendly, fast and most importantly, it provides an effective way for users to share or un-share any photos of their choice by a touch of a button. After all, we all need to protect our privacy more than the social networking apps provide to us today.

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Android version is coming soon to Google Play.