Here are some practical usages of iShareMem

  1. Wedding event
    • You and your invited guests will have all or selected set of your wedding event’s photos instantly
  2. Vacations
    • Your grand parents at home can instantly see all or selected set of the photos that you want to share
    • Everyone who is part of that vacation event would have all the photos from everyone else instantly
  3. Instantly sharing of your special occasions
    • A night out
    • Birthday party
    • Class re-union
    • Convention
    • Work related events like company picnic
  4. Capturing your daily photos
    • You can create events like “Latest Family Photos”, “Food that I love”, “Funny things at work”, etc. to organize them into different albums and share with your loved ones instantly
  5. Projecting of your photos on big screen displays (using viewer link URL). You can quickly change the contents of what you want to display on the big screen in seconds
    • Models of your establishment
    • Your restaurant menu items