iShareMem has 6 monthly subscription plans including a free plan with limited functionality.

Each plan is charged monthly.

Upgrade plan will be effective immediately and will be prorated for the first payment cycle (if any).

No prorated will be given for the user slots

Downgrade plan will be effective on the next monthly cycle.

No refund will be given.


There are 4 key features to each iShareMem subscription plan, explained below.


Included User Slots

iShareMem events are meant to be shared, user slots are the total number of users that can be added to your events. Each subscription plan includes 3 free user slots beside the organizer (you), you are allowed to invite each user to 1 of your events. Once an invitation has been sent, your user invitation will be in “pending” state and one available user slot will be removed from your total count of user slots for that month. Organizer can only get back the user slot if he/she deletes an invited user in a pending state or the invited user rejects the invitation. As soon as the invited user accepts the invitation, that user slot is gone for that month even if organizer later deletes that user off his/her event. User slots cannot be changed/recycled until next month.
Additional user slots can be purchased. Please refer to “Manage User Slots” under “My Account” menu for pricing.


Photo Storage

This is simply the total storage count for all of the photos CURRENTLY being shared in your events. Meaning all of the photos uploaded by you and your event members. *For reference: 1GB is roughly 357 photos at 8 mega pixels per photo.

Monthly Upload Limit

*Only the freemium subscription plan has an upload limit. An upload limit is the number of photos that can be uploaded per month. This means you only want to upload photos that you plan to share. Each photo uploaded counts towards your monthly limit whether it is deleted or not.

Maximum Number of Events

*Only the freemium subscription plan has an event limit, which is the number of events you can create for sharing photos.