iShareMem is a cross platform instant photo and video sharing application focused on privacy and ease of use.
iShareMem can be used for any occasion, simply CREATE an event, INVITE friends/family and start SHARING memories.
With iShareMem users can share and un-share memories of their choice while they happen in real-time, anyone included can view, share or download photos and video as they happen!
Collaborate together to create an UNFORGETTABLE memory of your event from everyone’s perspective!

Is iShareMem right for me?

  • Like sharing photos with grandma while you and a few friends hike a beautiful mountain? Easy, just add her to your hike event!
  • Wish you had every photo/video perspective of your families vacation? Then use iShareMem!
  • Friends all have Apple device and you have Android? No problem, iShareMem is on both platform!
  • Want to organize your event by who took what, where, and when? Done, done and done!
  • Planning a wedding and wish everyone could share photos of the planning, reception, and ceremony? Invite your guests to your iShareMem event!
  • Do you dislike an unflattering photo someone added to your beach trip event? Then remove it!
  • Dislike other photo sharing apps which compress your priceless memories? iShareMem won’t compress your memories!
  • Accidentally shared photos that you should not share in the first place? Unshared them – iShareMem allows you to instantly un-share the photos that previously shared
  • Sometimes forget the context of your photos? Us too, iShareMem allows adding comments!
  • No service? No problem, queue up your photos and iShareMem will automatically upload them when there is connection!

iShareMem is available in App Store and Google Play.