Release notes for V1.0

iShareMem V1.0.1 is available in App Store.

V1.1 is scheduled for the third week of September, 2018 to fix some known issues.

Known issues are listed here with workaround (if any):

  1. Please DO NOT use plus sign (+) in the event name – App would not accept plus sign (+) as part of event name – Fix is coming in V1.1
  2. Once in a while, app may crash when you try to upload a lot of photos at once (more than 40 photos).  However, there is no impact to the uploaded photos.  Your photos continue to be uploaded without any problem.  Fix is coming in V1.1.  To work around, please limit your upload photos to 40 photos or less each time when uploading
  3. Once in a while, your event main photo may not get displayed right away on your home screen or when you go into the detail user screen, some of the photos appear to be not loading in timely fashion.  Fix is coming in V1.1.  To fix the problem, just pick any photo that is currently not displayed (with the wheel symbol keeps turning) and press the download button on the top right.  You will see all the remaining photos to be displayed right away.

As always, please send us feedback or questions to