single DDM

Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM) allows users to cast any iShareMem event to digital displays. DDM is perfect for displaying a restaurant menu or for showing live photos being taken at a celebration. DDM is the best alternative to the traditional and expensive Digital Menu Boards.

Single DDM feature provides users the ability create ONE menu item (up to 60 photos) such as restaurant menu or items on sales at your store

How does it work ?

  • User buys this feature on iShareMem website
  • User receives an iShareMem login ID and password from iShareMem (through user’s provided email)
  • User receives a viewer URL link (through user’s provided email)
  • User installs iShareMem app and login in using the provided iShareMem login ID and password
  • User creates menu (up to 60 photos)
  • User casts the menu to big screen(s) through Chromecast or Firestick devices using viewer URL link provided by iShareMem
  • Note: User can modify menu as many times as user wants, just refresh the viewer URL link to get the new content displayed on big screen(s)