Full Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM) – $59.99

Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM) allows users to cast any iShareMem event (photo album) to digital displays. DDM is perfect for displaying a restaurant menu or for showing live photos being taken at a celebration. DDM is the best alternative to the traditional and expensive Digital Menu Boards.

Full DDM feature ($59.99) provides users the ability to generate a URL slideshow link to their event or menu which can be cast to big screens/monitors. Purposes for casting an event might be used for restaurant menus, items on sale, car dealerships or information at hospitals, corporations, etc. These URL links can also be sent to viewers who can view photos from the slideshow URL link without the smartphones or iShareMem app/account.

Single DDM feature costs only $29.99 and you can buy it HERE

Full DDM – How does it work?

  • Users enable/buy this feature on their iShareMem app under “My Account” menu
  • Create an event for your use (restaurant menu/ album of photos) and invite viewer(s)
  • Upload photos and add info/captions to photos
  • Viewer(s) accept invitation to the event
  • Viewer URL link are generated and sent to viewer(s)
  • Users cast the menu(s) to big screen(s) through ChromeCast or Amazon Fire Stick devices using a generated URL link
  • Note: If you change the content of your menu/event, you just need to reload/refresh the URL link to get the new updated content to be displayed on the big screens.

How to buy this feature ?

  • Download a free iShareMem App (on App Store or Google Play)
  • Create an account
  • Go to “My Account” screen on Home menu
  • Touch “Buy Now” on “Dynamic Digital Menu” line
  • Pay for the feature and “Dynamic Digital Menu” will be “Active” on your account