Single Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM) – $99.99


Only available in US, Canada and Singapore at this time




Single Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM) – $99.99

Sample Menu

Dynamic Digital Menu (DDM) allows users to cast any iShareMem event (photo album) to digital displays. DDM is perfect for displaying a restaurant menu or for showing live photos being taken at a celebration. DDM is the best alternative to the traditional and expensive Digital Menu Boards.

Single DDM feature provides users the ability create ONE menu item (up to 60 photos) such as a restaurant menu or items you want displayed.

Single DDM – How does it work?

  • User buys the Single DDM on the iShareMem website
  • User then receives a login ID and password for an iShareMem account (via billing email address)
  • User also receives a viewer URL link (via billing email address)
  • User installs the iShareMem app and logs into the provided iShareMem login ID using the given password
  • User then uploads menu items (up to 60 photos)
  • User then casts the menu to screen(s) through ChromeCast or Amazon Firestick devices using viewer URL link provided by iShareMem.
  • Note: User can modify menu as many times as the user wants, just refresh the viewer URL link to get the newest content displayed on screen(s).
  • See the following video on how to cast menu to big screens (* This video is for FULL DDM feature *)

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 2 x 6 x 6 in


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